Sven Schlüter

Co-Founder / Advanced Attack Simulation Specialist

My idea and passion behind Y-Security is to create, lead and develop a company that solves todays most complex security challenges for our clients. That success is shown in our innovative service development which provides a holistic approach in the offensive security field. With that we have a lasting effect to our client base and their IT-Security.

Sven Schlüter (Essen, Juli 2021)

Christian Becker

Co-Founder / Advanced Attack Simulation Specialist

My personal motivation behind Y-Security is to establish a team at the German and European market which is known for technical excellence and significantly contributes to developing new security concepts. The motivation to do this under the name of Y-Security is to provide independent services which are not bound to companies and their products.

Christian Becker (Essen, Juli 2021)

Thore Imhof

Advanced Attack Simulation Specialist

I joined Y-Security because I want to focus on the things that matter which means continuously adapting to new techniques and building a team with great technical expertise.

Thore Imhof (Essen, Oktober 2022)