At Y-Security we are keeping the pace of our clients by innovating new tactics, techniques and procedures to set new standards.


We provide a holistic concept with our delivery of security projects. We ensure that vulnerabilities are understood in depth and can be reproduced by your staff independently.


Y-Security adopts and aligns to your mode of operation to ensure a seamless integration into your procedures and security teams.


Y-Security [ˈwaɪ sɪˈkjʊərɪti] can be read as the rhetorical question “Why Security?”. With our Attack Simulations, Penetration Tests and Security Trainings service lines we deliver the answers that fit for small, medium-sized and large businesses alike.

Y-Security fills the gap in today’s commodity security testing service lines and go above and beyond with our newly designed testing tools, our state of the art tactics and our unique procedures.

The strong connection and dedication to our clients brings the trust needed when performing security assessments.

The Y-Security logo displayed as a blue, green and red "Y" - every flank of the "Y" has one color assigned to it.

Y – Security Matters


Our team has decades of experience in the offensive security field and delivered specialised security services for clients in various industries. Those include TIBER & Red Teaming as well as classic penetration test services.


Y-Security is a security-enthusiasts-owned independent company. We deliberately refrain from any kind of partnerships with product and solution providers.


Y-Security lives the art of Improvement by constantly challenging existing solutions. We monitor new attack vectors, tactics, techniques and procedures to incorporate them in our methodologies.