Y-Security – That’s us

At Y-Security we are specialized in performing Attack Simulations exercises, highly complex Penetration Tests and Security Trainings. Our focus is on our technical excellence provided as a business driven concept that can easily be integrated into existing risk management frameworks. Our dedication for our clients goes above and beyond the known commodity service tasks to provide a holistic security testing experience.

On 1st of July 2021 Christian Becker and Sven Schlüter have launched Y-Security. Y-Security has been created to offer specialized and advanced offensive security services. Those are designed to fill the gap in today’s commodity security testing service lines and go above and beyond with our newly designed testing tools, our state of the art tactics and our unique procedures. With decades of experience in working within the offensive security field, our approach is in-depth, holistic and innovative to help and support our clients solving their biggest challenges with our next generation cyber resilience approach. This is supported by our goal to deliver targeted, tailored and realistic cyber attack simulations against the most complex infrastructures of our clients.

The Y-Security service lines are divided into Attack Simulations, Penetration Tests and Security Trainings:

Attack Simulations

The silhouette of a wolf head as our logo for the service Attack Simulation

Discovering the impact of a compromise without suffering from the consequences of a real breach is not an easy task. Our Attack Simulations service line allows to simulate different threats in a cyber stresstest. This highlights undiscovered threats that our clients are faced within a Cyber Warfare. For example, we perform Ransomware Simulation, follow known Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Actors as well as we do support the EU standard for Threat Intelligence Based Ethical Red Teaming (TIBER) and traditional Red Teaming. This is all done in a risk-evaluated environment and performed by experienced and well trained staff.

Penetration TesTS

The silhouette of a dragon as our logo for the service Penetration Test

Identifying and remediating security vulnerabilities with Penetration Tests is an effective and budget-friendly method. With our Penetration Tests service line we provide an in-depth view on the security posture of your assets and focus on identifying all vulnerabilities affecting it. We use a largely manual approach to Penetration Tests including deep inspection of content and functionality. With our in-house developed methodology we exceed industry standards and reveal the full potential a threat actor has when assets are attacked.


The silhouette of super woman as our logo for Security Trainings

Trainings are the fundamental objective for your team to be ahead of threat actors. With our Security Training service line we transfer our expertise to your teams. We have structured our broad knowledge into various offensive security courses that are customised to match the audience’s level. Those courses are supplemented by tailored security awareness workshops that suite all levels of expertise.

We are based in Essen, Germany, but same as our clients, we do operate truly global (with an exception to some countries and/or organizations). Within the next weeks and months you will find updates on our approach and procedures here – please contact us if you want to be the first to get notified about it and follow us on social media.